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About Larry Burton

After 35 years of frustration from using many different self-help tools and strategies, I discovered the missing piece which turns traditional self-help into empowered self-help.

For the last 50 years, I have been committed to personal growth.  Most of those years resulted in mixed results and a lot of frustration from trying a wide range of self-help techniques and strategies.  

That all changed when I stopped looking at life’s challenges from a mind/body point of view (the traditional self-help) approach and looked at them as mind/body/energy challenges.  Since then, I have added 15+ years of study, training, and certification in a wide range of energy management techniques to my formal studies in Social Work, Philosophy, and Theology.  

Combining all that book study with the experience of working with hundreds of students and clients, I now combine scientific understandings, psychological principles, and timeless spiritual insights together in a practical way – so that you can also grow through life’s problems and challenges with greater ease and less frustration.

Are you ready to enjoy greater peace, serenity, and results?

What Clients Say About Larry

While Larry Burton can't provide any specific results and the following testimonials do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of any individual using his services for any particular issues or problem, his clients report having positive experiences.

Rocio P.

"Four years ago, I was suffering emotionally,  and my health was out of balance. I would wake up every morning feeling fearful, feeling sick, lacking energy and confused about everything.

I didn’t have inspiration for anything. I never had the courage to do the things I’ve always wanted to do in my career. Doctors told me, “nothing is wrong with you”… but I felt sick, tired and no desire for anything. I felt like I was going crazy at one point. I would pray every day for help.

I have been practicing the Pondera Process for 3 years and I can’t tell you how much it has changed my life. I am no longer scared for my life. I wake up every morning being filled with gratitude. I can express love and kindness with many people, know that I am loved and know that I do matter in this life.

I have learned to put boundaries for those who have no good intentions towards me. I am accomplishing my dreams within the fashion industry and have opened up my own massage practice. I feel confident that I can do anything I put my all into and know that I will be taken care of. I am filled with much gratitude for all the work that Larry and the Pondera Process have done in my life and I will continue using it and sharing it with all those who are seeking help."

Madeline B.

"Following surgery for colon cancer and sepsis, I became emotionally distraught and not caring about living. While using the Pondera Process I found my emotions lifting and my will to live returning. I also used the Pondera Process for healing and the doctors were amazed at how rapidly I recovered.

As a result of using this Process for my initial problems, I have found that my outlook on life and living is more positive and I am able to help others. My attitude of gratitude has greatly improved. Thank you for showing me the Pondera Process."

Becky S.

"Two years ago, I developed a rare, very painful, autoimmune disease. At that point in my life, I was experiencing many unrecognized (by me) stressors which quite possibly triggered the disease.

Six months later, Larry was recommended to me. I was very doubtful that he could help, but I trusted the person who made the recommendation. We began Face Time counseling and training sessions. With Larry’s guidance, I looked at deep seated issues in my life, my responses to people, and acceptance issues. By going through various components of the Pondera Process daily, my life began to refocus. My relationship with God was strengthened as every breath in & out became prayers for healing, of praise, of thanksgiving.

While Pondera did not cure me, Larry has given me coping mechanisms which have enabled me to lessen the pain & discomfort and live a more normal life with less severe attacks. Friends have commented on how much happier & calmer I appear to be. Thanks Larry, for teaching me I don’t have to be everything to everybody!"

Hale A.

"Before my introduction to the Pondera Process, life challenges could overwhelm me. So I had a history of that, and self-inflicted pressure to get ahead also made things worse.

With the Pondera Process I began to learn how to make adjustments in my reactions to all sorts of situations, instead choosing to reach for spiritual peace and serenity.

With practice, I learned to embrace a calmer, more peaceful way of living, my well-being improving day by day. It has become a matter of working from peace and serenity, and then moving outward into the world. The greatest benefit was to realize that this experience was always there for me.

It doesn't necessarily eliminate the bumps in life, but does allow me to be much more effective in looking after my emotional wellbeing. Now when things get tough, I know to step back, call up the Pondera Process and return to a quiet state that offers reassurance and peace."


Self-Help 2.0

A New and Improved Path to Break Free from Stress, Anger, and 

When it comes to self-help, we all have felt the frustrations of trying any number of techniques and ending up in the same place, or perhaps feeling even more discouraged. This doesn’t have to be the outcome, though. There is hope!

In Self-Help 2.0, you can learn how to create a different experience for yourself.  For years, we have been taught to approach self-help from a mind/body understanding of ourselves when, in reality, we and our challenges are actually mind/body/energy.  Self-Help 2.0  draws on many years of study and the experience of hundreds of people to provide a more complete understanding of the challenges which are a part of life, and to offer you a path toward greater well-being.

In Self-Help 2.0 we have been given a gift: a practical, effective self-help approach which we can use today to create the life we envision for ourselves.

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