A Path Toward Increased Peace, Serenity, and Joy

By Larry Burton

October 12, 2023

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Would you like to discover an empowered way to give yourself increased peace, serenity, and joy?

Read on to learn about the Pondera Path and an empowered self-help process that delivers hope and results.

Pondera (pawn-der-ah) Latin for balance, equilibrium

What if you found out that the traditional self-help we have been taught is incomplete?  That it only considers 2/3 of any problem or life challenge we face and want to grow through?

Traditional self-help grew out of a worldview that saw humans as having a mind/body, or dualistic, makeup.  For a variety of historical reasons, this has been the dominant worldview of science since the 1640’s.  Despite the centuries of thought and science that came before it. Centuries of experience and progress that saw nature, life, and ourselves as having a nonmaterial component to it.

Today, with the development of improved scientific instruments, we know that a dualistic worldview reflects only 2/3 of the puzzle.  Over the last century, discoveries in quantum physics and other scientific developments have shown that there is an energy component, which is also a fundamental dimension of life.

We are now able to “see” that there is more to life than meets the eye.  We realize, and appreciate anew, the wisdom of the centuries before our scientific revolution.

A more complete worldview is one of mind, body, and energy.

This more complete worldview provides us with the opportunity to experience an empowered form of self-help.

I have been using this expanded worldview of self-help to help myself and others for over 19 years.

During that time, I have continually sought to develop a process which was easy and comfortable to use while offering a more effective result.

That led me to develop the Pondera Process® and the Pondera Path.  

While you can see the Pondera Path illustrated above, what is the Pondera Process®?  It is a process with easy to use, fill-in-the-blank scripts that utilize scientific understandings, psychological insights, and timeless spiritual truths.  It is a process which intentionally balances the disrupted energy around distressing emotions, beliefs, and memories.

My book, Self-Help 2.0, goes into greater detail about the development of the Pondera Process® and why I think it works so well.

Regardless of your preferred self-help technique, the Pondera Path is a helpful guide which can lead you to experiencing greater peace, serenity, and joy.  It incorporates the same understandings, insights, and spiritual truths as the Pondera Process®.  Let’s take a closer look at it.

The Pondera Process® is built around the following understanding:

Event  Emotion  Belief  Memory

When you break it down, you’ll find that every event is connected to one or more emotions.  Your emotions are the result of your beliefs, how you view an event.  Your beliefs are learned and are connected to the memories which support your belief.

In addition, each emotion, belief, and memory are a form of energy.  They each have an energy signature which whose imprint is stored in your nervous system.

I go into detail on how this sequence works in Self-Help 2.0.

Now on to the Pondera Path…

Identify the challenge in your life that you want to improve.  Life can feel messy with a lot of emotions pressing on you at the same time.  You can’t fix everything at once.  So, pretend you have a magic wand, what one thing would you like to improve first?

Create a safe space from which to grow.  Change can feel scary.  And people do not willingly allow change unless it feels safe to do so. So, you need to create an emotionally safe space where you can go to if you start to feel overwhelmed.

The Safe Space Visualization we offer helps you to create your own safe space.

Connect with a Source of power greater than yourself.  Everything is a form of energy and you can use your intention to connect with whatever represents that Source of energy for you.

Love is the strongest form of energy we can tap into.  What represents that Source of Love for you?  It can be Source, Universe, Higher Power, God, Nature, etc. Go with whatever feels right to you.  They all work equally well when your intention is to tap into a Source of Loving power.

The Pondera Process® for Loving Light is an effective way for you to feel your connection to a Loving energy which is more than yourself.

Balance the energy around any distressing emotion.  Identify one emotion you would like relief from.  When you balance and smooth out the disrupted energy around whatever emotion which is causing you distress, you feel better.

The Pondera Process® for Emotions enables you to use your intention to balance the energy around a distressing emotion.

Balance the energy around any beliefs that no longer serve you.  We all pick up beliefs unconsciously and consciously.  Many of our most limiting beliefs were picked up during childhood and we are unaware of them in the present.  

When you reduce the intensity of emotions, and ask yourself what beliefs are supporting how you are looking at an event, one or more beliefs can pop into your awareness.

Then you can focus on one limiting belief, the belief contributing to your distress, and replace it with a more empowering belief.

The Pondera Process® for Beliefs is effective in allowing you to neutralize old, limiting beliefs and replace them with an empowering alternative.

Balance the energy around any memories where you learned a limiting belief.  Memories are our recalled interpretations of life events.  Indeed, memories are in the eye of the beholder.  And all beliefs have their origin is some life experience.

In addition, many of our limiting beliefs were formed while we are children.  Then they become so familiar that we do not perceive those beliefs as being optional.  Yet those beliefs are based on a child’s interpretation of a given experience.  

With the Pondera Process® for Memories, you can neutralize the energy around old memories and create a space to reframe them and take on a new interpretation which better serves you in the present.

Balance the energy in your nervous system.  An understanding of the importance in caring for your nervous system, for your overall wellbeing, has grown in the last couple of decades.  Practices which help to balance the energy in your nervous system have been shown to significantly improve the results for those who use them.

Emotions, beliefs, and memories all have an energy signature and they all leave an imprint on your nervous system.  I often describe it as having an energy bruise.

Most energy practices, such as acupuncture, focus on bringing relief to the body or mind.  But now we can intentionally impact the flow of energy in our nervous system.

You take this step for two reasons: 1) it helps to clean up and regulate your new flow of energy after addressing items causing you distress and 2) it can help bring into your awareness the next level of relief and growth that is available to you.  A third reason is that it feels good!

The Pondera Process® for the Vagus Nerve focuses on the nerve which connects to your gut to your brain, and is fundamental to the operation of your overall nervous system.

Many of my clients and students report benefitting from using just the Pondera Process® for Loving Light and the Pondera Process® for the Vagus nerve.

Practice gratitude.  Gratitude has long been known in the wisdom literature as being a powerful and fundamental practice for your wellbeing.

This is the final step on the Pondera Path because it anchors in the relief and growth you have experienced while making you more receptive to even more benefits.  Plus, it makes you feel good!

The Pondera Practice® for Gratitude makes this easy and enjoyable to do.

Experience greater peace, serenity, and joy.  These are the benefits that are available when you use the Pondera Process® and follow the Pondera Path.

Want more peace, serenity, and joy?  They are available to you at www.empoweredselfhelp/community

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About Larry Burton

I have received training and certificates in a wide range of energy management techniques. I am certified as a master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and of hypnosis. Over the years, I have taught numerous classes, workshops, and seminars where I have helped hundreds of people move forward in their lives.

I combine all of my training, and the experiences of myself and others, in a way that can help you to move forward with greater ease and less frustration.

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