Connecting With Unconditional Love

By Larry Burton

March 5, 2024

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In the last video, we talked about the fact that there is unconditional love. That yes, on a day-to-day basis, we see a lot of anger and hate and fear, but it doesn't deny the fact that the Universe at its source, is one of unconditional love, one of pure love, and that the energy of that pure love is more powerful than any distressing behavior, or emotion, or belief, or activity that we see around us.
So, the question then becomes, how do we tap into that unconditional Love, that pure Love? And the place to start with that is to take on the understanding, take on the belief that there is more to life than meets the eye.
Now, that's a truth that has been around for thousands of years in the spiritual literature.
If you go back to the Indus Valley, and the beginnings of Ayurvedic tradition in medicine, there is a description of how there are chakras which run down the body. Those chakras are energy centers, there is an understanding that the body was energy. Later on, in the Far East, with Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is understanding that we all have meridians. And that energy flows through those meridians. And that as you balance the energy within the meridians using acupuncture, Tai chi, other methods, then you improve your physical and emotional wellbeing.
We set those things aside in the West with the beginning of the scientific revolution. But what's happened over the last a hundred so years is that contemporary science, specifically physics and quantum physics, have demonstrated the truth of what spiritual literature has been teaching us for so long. Within quantum physics, we realize that everything is a form of energy. That what appears to be matter is really just energy vibrating, and we perceive it as being solid. And that within the cell of each of our bodies is the mitochondria, which is a power source that is activating and keeping the biochemical response happening there.
So, energy is fundamental to life. How do you tap into that? Well, we go back to spiritual literature and understand that we've long been taught that we have an inner light, or a pilot light, or a higher self, or a life force, or whatever name we want to give it. But there is that essence.

I think, in this, it is like we're an electric vehicle, and what's happening is that that s divine spark has jumpstarted our battery, and now we've got to take care of keeping that battery charged.
So, we now know from contemporary physics, really that we live within an ocean of energy, all around us. Everything is energy. The rocks are a form of energy. Weather is a form of energy. It's a matter of connecting to that energy.
So, in wrestling with that, how do we do that? That's when I created the Pondera Process®, and I then realized that we could use it to connect to that inner light that we each have.
What happened is that I was running a small group with about eight people, and I asked them, could you connect to that inner light? And all of them had so much significant emotional trauma in their life that they just couldn't do it.
So, I said, all right, let's start here. Just start with the belief that you have an inner light that you can connect to and that there's a Source. And then we used the Pondera Process to begin to visualize connecting to that higher source, and it animating and empowering their own inner light, so that it became brighter and brighter.
And that's where the Pondera Process® for Loving Light evolved from.
So, what I'm encouraging you to do is to go to the website,, go to the Freebies tab and download the Pondera Process® for Loving Light. When you use that, you will be able to connect to that which is more than yourself. You'll be able to connect to that life force. You'll be able to do what all the Jedi were doing in Star Wars. They have the force be with them.
I encourage you to go ahead and do that. And then what I'm going to do in a couple of days, we'll release another video where I'll just walk you through the process.
So, go ahead, go to the website, click on the Freebies tab, download the Pondera Process® for Loving Light, and I'll see you in the next video.
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Alright, may the Force be with you and be well.

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