Creating a Space Where You Feel Safe

By Larry Burton

March 12, 2024

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In this video, I'm going to share with you the Safe Space Visualization.
I want you to think back to a time when you were a child and where your favorite hiding place was. Or where you went in order to feel totally protected and nothing could get to you or bother you. Maybe you had a place in your bedroom that was like that. Or when you were curled up under the covers on your bed, or maybe you had a clubhouse that you went to, or it was a favorite spot out in the backyard, or maybe it was holding a pet. We all can go back and find, think of times where we just felt really at ease at peace, where we felt completely safe.
The purpose of the Safe Space Visualization is to help you to use your imagination and create that place for yourself, so that you can go there anytime you want.
No matter what kind of craziness is going on in life, you'll always have that safe place that you can go back to.
The need to feel safe is something that's hardwired into us. It's a matter of survival. So, it's easy to understand that from terms of physical safety because you're going to do whatever you need to do to stay safe physically. But it's equally true emotionally. Unless we feel safe emotionally, we're not going to make the changes that we think that we want to make or that we need to make. The physical and emotional safety are essential parts to who we are and how we can live in our wellbeing.
Now, we've all learned coping strategies early in life, in our childhood, that helped us to feel safe emotionally. We learned how to be very quiet and hidden, or we learned how to be a people pleaser, or we learned how to be aggressive, all kinds of different strategies that were taken on in order to feel safe and to feel powerful. But those strategies don't necessarily serve you now. The challenge, though, is you're not going to make that change and take on a new behavior unless you feel safe letting go of the old. That's where the Safe Space Visualization comes in. It gives you that place where you can go to and connect with that Loving Light, with that divine love in order to know that you are safe and that you have a basis from which to move forward and make the changes that you want.
The Safe Space Visualization is really pieces that I've taken from a variety of techniques that I've learned over the years, and that's proven very effective with clients and students over the years that I've been doing this.
So, I'm giving you the PDF for it. It's not something that you can easily do on your own. You may want to have somebody read it to you. Or, we will make an audio recording that leads you through the Safe Space Visualization available at a very low price point.

So just again, come back and think about how you need to create that safe space for yourself in order to move forward. To give you one more illustration, this often comes up in terms of weight loss. You can say, oh, I really want to lose that weight, but why did you put the weight on in the first place? If you were doing eating in order to feel comforter to reward yourself, then what are you going to replace that with?
You're not going to stop eating the ice cream if you don't have another way of feeling safe and caring for yourself. You can begin to realize that a lot of these behaviors served a purpose, but no longer are what's highest and best for you. I encourage you to go ahead, look over the PDF that is available to you as a free download, and then begin to use that along with the Loving Light in order to create that safe space for yourself, where you know that you are protected and you can't be hurt.
Be well.

And you gain access to a FREE pdf of the visualization script for your personal use.

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