Discovering Unconditional Love

By Larry Burton

February 20, 2024

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Discovering that we have access to unconditional love, and learning that we can intentionally plug into that unconditional love, is a game changer. And it really is essential for self-care and for your greater well-being.

The challenge is that in our day-to-day life, we think that everything is the way that it appears. We don’t necessarily realize that there’s more to life than meets the eye.

Life experience teaches us that love is conditional.

Your accepted based on where you live, how you look, what you wear, who your friends are, blah, blah, blah… and on it goes. There’s very little evidence or indication of unconditional love unless you have significant relationships and get to know that there is unconditional love.

But there is, and you can tap into it. I’m going to do this in two videos, and in this one, I just want to give you the framework for where that Love comes from.

The larger truth is that the universe, that Source is pure love. And that is just a belief that you have to take on because it's going to improve the quality of your life, even though it doesn't appear that way here in day-to-day living. That is the greater truth. When we choose to embrace that belief and then exercise it, act on it, we get the benefits of doing so.
I found there's a few metaphors that help to explain this dynamic.
One is that the sun is there and shining even on a very cloudy day, and the clouds may come and block the sun for a period of time and then dissipate, but the sun is there, always. It's the same with unconditional love that comes from Source is always present, but things get in the way and create clouds that block our awareness of it.
It could be a belief we take on from a life experience we've had. The way somebody treats us in any particular moment. But it doesn't stop the reality that there is this Source of unconditional love that's available to us. There's an energy to it that is that pure love.
Another way of looking at this is that our life is like a window, and this pure love is radiating down towards us in this life experience. But life experience and events in life can clutter up the window. And what we are doing is learning how to clean the window in order to let more of that light in, let more of that love in. That's what we can do through our intention.
A third way of considering this, is to compare light and darkness. Darkness is really just the absence of light. Light is much stronger than darkness. Light takes away darkness, it dissipates it. So, if you want to get rid of the darkness, you bring in more light.
As you learn to tap into, plug into and receive that unconditional love from Source, you bring more light in and you feel the benefits of it throughout your system. It radiates out into your life.
The question then becomes how do you do that?
For that, I'm going to share with you what I call the Pondera Process for Loving Life, and we'll go into that in more detail in the next video.
Be sure to subscribe to the channel if you're here on YouTube, and we'll all benefit from tapping into that unconditional love more often, and with greater frequency and enjoyment.
Be well.

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