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The Pondera Path - NEW

Discover a Certain Path to Peace, Serenity, and Joy:

the feelings wheel

The Feelings Wheel is a tool you can use to help you “get a handle” on what it is you are feeling.

pondera process for stress

Use this script of the
Pondera Process® and let go of unwanted stress!

safe space visualization

This exercise will help you go to a place where you feel safe when life feels like a bit much.

This script will help you connect with the eternal source of Divine Love and expand its presence  in your life. 

Use this script to self-regulate any time you sense that your nervous system is out of balance.

 Use this script when you want to balance the energy of an unwanted emotion at a deeper level.

Use this script to let go of old, limiting beliefs which no longer serve you, and replace them with more empowering beliefs.

Use this script to empower yourself to feel and express gratitude at a deeper level, which will lead to greater happiness and well-being in life.