Getting to the Root of Beliefs

By Larry Burton

April 16, 2024

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In the last video, we talked about the Pondera Process® for Beliefs.
Now, as you look at the Pondera Path, my experience over the last 10 plus years of using this process is that when you deal with the underlying emotion and belief, you're able to resolve the vast majority of the challenges that are there. You're able to make a shift and respond to events in a more empowering and healthy way.
But sometimes those beliefs are very stubborn, and that's because they are tied to the powerful emotional event that took place in your life. Something happened along the way where you took on an interpretation and an understanding of an event. That is the belief. The belief is just your interpretation of a past event you brought forward, and it's limiting your ability to respond to current life situations. You end up being triggered, and you're reacting instead of responding.
The good news is that because they're made of energy, you can shift the energy around the memory and reframe it. You can take a new understanding from that memory and thus take a new, more empowering belief.
So, to give an example, I struggled for many years with anger, and a lot of that came out of the relationship with my dad. And it wasn't until I was later on in life that I could realize and appreciate that my dad was only 20 years old when I was born, and that by the time he was 30, he had three children. I didn't have my first son until I was well into my thirties. I could look back now with more compassion and understanding about what my dad was dealing with, and it's easier to be forgiving of that.
When I was able to reframe those memories, I was able to let go of that belief and let go of some of that anger and resolve it. I wasn't triggered as easily as I had been in the past. So that's what's possible.
Now, I did not include a pdf for the Pondera Process® for Memories because some memories are very emotionally charged. It's not wise to do it, or go through the process on your own. I have used it for veterans with PTSD and been able to do it very successfully, but I was there beside them to guide them through the process.
So, what I have done is in the membership there is the Pondera Process for Memories within the video format, where I take more time and explain how to use that, and give you the necessary precautions of how to take care of yourself while using this.
You can go ahead and go into the membership. You get a free trial for a week. Look at it and see if it's of value to you.
The other option you have is just to reach out to me. If you know that there is a powerful memory that is present, that's limiting your wellbeing now, your peace of mind and your happiness, I can assist you in resolving that challenge.
So, the next step in the path is to deal with the memories, if need be. You have tools that are available within the membership or you can reach out to me and I can support you in making that progress in your life.
There you go. I hope that's helpful.
If you have any comments, please leave them below, give a thumbs up and be well.

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