Want to Feel Better, Faster?

By Larry Burton

March 19, 2024

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Would you like to feel better, faster? To be able to bring down the level of distress you might be experiencing, whenever you chose to do so?
The key to doing that is to think energy, and not willpower.
Here's the story. For hundreds and hundreds of years, people have understood that energy was an important component of wellbeing and learning how to manage your energy, working with energy of nature. Kids were taught that from the time they were born. And that's the way it's been around cultures around the world. But what happened here in the West, around the 17th century, is that we decided to become more scientific. And that the only things that were real are things that you could see and measure. They couldn't see and measure energy. So, they took that key, that golden key, and set it aside.
Then it became an emphasis on self and your willpower. So now you look at the self-help industry. That's the context that it grew up in. A mind/body, or 2D, view of the world so that you forgot about that golden key.
The trick here is for us to pick up that key and to use it for our own wellbeing. When you think energy, instead of willpower, you can make progress much quicker.
In the next two videos that I'm going to share with you, I'll give you some key applications of how to use that golden key. One for your nervous system and one for your emotions.
So, you can go back to the earlier videos, use the Pondera Process® for Loving Light, use the Safe Space Visualization, and you'll see how you can connect to that Source of loving energy, that unconditional love. Where you can tap into your superpower and be able to bring down your level of distress whenever you choose to do so.
All right, go and be well. If you have any comments or questions, go ahead and leave them below. We always appreciate a thumbs up.

Again, be well.

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About Larry Burton

I have received training and certificates in a wide range of energy management techniques. I am certified as a master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and of hypnosis. Over the years, I have taught numerous classes, workshops, and seminars where I have helped hundreds of people move forward in their lives.

I combine all of my training, and the experiences of myself and others, in a way that can help you to move forward with greater ease and less frustration.

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