Home of the Pondera Process® and Energy Intelligence (EnQ)

Home of the Pondera Process® and Energy Intelligence (EnQ)

Empowered Self-Help Workbook Bundle

Grow yourself with Larry H Burton's inspiring empowered self-help workbook bundle for only $97 - get the tools you need for positive change today!

The Pondera Process

Effective technique

The Pondera Process is an effective technique for self-help developed by Larry H Burton which has helped hundreds of people to shift limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs.

Focused on mind, body, and spirit

The Pondera Process focuses on mind, body, and spirit. This differs from traditional self-help techniques which focus only on the mind and body. This is part of what Larry H Burton calls the “3D approach to wellness.” In this workbook, he explains the Pondera Process, gives tips on how to successfully implement it, and more.

What includes:

This limited-time bundle includes Larry’s empowered self-help workbook as well as three high-quality audio files to help facilitate meditation. The workbook includes instructions for the Pondera Process for beliefs, a Pondera Process beliefs inventory sheet, and the Pondera Process for beliefs protocol.

Make an Investment in Yourself!

Discover Larry H Burton's unique techniques that will leave you feeling healthier, happier, motivated & fulfilled with life – it's time to elevate your quality of living.

A small investment of $97 is nothing compared to the benefits many of Larry H Burton’s clients have experienced after studying Larry H Burton’s concepts and their implementation of the Pondera Process. Start shifting limiting beliefs into more empowering beliefs today with his workbook bundle.